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Joey Matthews
About Me


About Me
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All About Me...

I'm from Nottingham, I'm 16 years old and i go to college. <<fun life so far lol, I'm in my own band, its nothing much just a group of great mates, having a laugh playing songs that i write. I dont like being mean to people no matter what they do to me. Tho im not perfect i do sometimes moan about things, i guess its my why to deal with my boring life.

I like to get to know people and make new friends. I'm into most sports cause it keeps me fit. I like rock music tho i dont think like makes me a goth or anything cause in my own way im really normal, lol


Favorite Stuff

My mobile phones, guitar, and pc :)

Favorite TV Show: 3rd Rock From The Sun
Favorite Movie: Jason Vs Freddie & Terminator 3
Favorite Music: Rock, Rap,  R&B,
Favorite Book: Any By Steven King
Favorite Sports Team: Arsenal and Notts Co.
Favorite Food: Pizza etc
People I Most Admire: Bon Jovi And Bryan Adams <<Cool Song Writers

Favorite Quotes

"Dont it always seem to go, That you dont know what you got till its gone"

"If i wasnt myself, Then i would be someone like you!"