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Joey Matthews
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Welcome to my site!

Take alook around my world, its not very big but hey, yeah never know, it might be fun hehe

So you might eb someone just looking at the site or you could be my friend, {waves} allo (",) 
but anyways whatever reason you've clicked on my stupid site for i hope you have fun and get to know the joey matthews that i am :P,
i'm not one for saying alot really so i'll do has your thinking, hehe {shuts up}

To Come....

If i get some emails i might had my songs i write, dunno if anyone would like to see them, i guess if you do you'll email me, so thats something which is coming. now im going to had a page with pictures of all of my friends, at the moment its empty cause i hve none!! im such a loner lol, nah im getting them to send me them, i get more post cards then i do with pictures lol.


27/9/03 - Last updated.

Blues Guitar

Please be sure to get in touch and let me know what you think of my site.