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Joey Matthews


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To Me You Are....

To me you are heaven,
Without you its hell,
We've come so far,
And i'm not letting go,
In my eyes when i look at you,
I see what others don't,
You call yourself blind,
Which i never won't,

To me you are my angel,
The one who's ment to be,
I'm everything i can,
With you around me,
I promise you love,
I say your my life,

To me you are special,
To me you are prove,
True love can grow,
In each of our hearts,

These Cold Nights - (All Alone)

No where to run,
Not a place i can hide,
Im all alone,
Nobody on my side,
This road seems long,
No bright lights,
No where to go,
On these cold nights,

Then there was few,
Who shown that they cared,
They holded me in,
Promised not to let go,
She took my hand,
Shown me into the light,
If only i had someone,
On these cold nights,

Everything seemed good,
Till she let go,
I cried all night,
In front people i didnt show,
My heart felt ripped,
So i did what i had to do,
There was always a road,
Going back to the start,
And now im alone,
On these cold winter nights,


Days when nothing can go wrong,
time spent being close to you,
i didn't think you'd leave me like that,
i didn't really see you slip away,
i waited everyday for you to call me,
i walked around feeling empty - no joy,
i thought you said i was your baby boy...........

After them days when you was gone,
i thought it was all a dream,
tho it seemed that it wasnt real,
i still made my mind believe you still loved me..........

Our time spent together seem to be a waste,
i dont really believe you liked me,
or why did you treat me like that,
im facing up to fact that no matter what i do,
theres just no way to get you back........